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Its Finally Over

this past month i havent been hangin out much…..just play basektball everyday for about 2 hours and every now and then go to papas or halal chinese to get somethin to eat…..thank you guys for all the duas; i just got back from my state exam….it was a little harder than the school exam, which i took on monday and passed, but insha’allah i passed… its time to get ready to go back to school……need to get new kicks, alarm clock, fan….where does it end…..if u guys wanna meet up this weekend for chicken guy or somethin just let me know


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Practice Exam

ive been studyin for the past couple of days….. i just took a practice exam…..alhamdulliah i passed…..theres just sooo much material to cover; 16 chapters……i dont know why, but im really nervous…..i have that feeling that i have no idea what to expect……please make dua that everything goes well…..insha’Allah by this time Tuesday i should be a licensed real estate agent

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Real Estate Salesperson Exam

sorry guys for not postin in a while….that means that i didnt find any interesting topic to write about and that i was busy studyin for my real estate exams….i have 2 exams commin up next week… on monday and one on tuesday; shouldnt be that bad…..after that im definitely down for some chicken guy before i go back to Stony

one more thing….Saturday September 9th i plan on goin to a METS game….a bus will be leavin from Stony at 11am….so far me and Shaheer are down…..i guess ppl who dont live on campus or graduated can meet us there…..try to come thru cuz this will be my first game ever (basketball, baseball, or any other sport)

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Ghost Rider

i miss the days when i use to watch Ghost Rider and read the comics….i was checkin out some Apple Trailers and came across Ghost Rider the movie…..check out the trailer, looks like a cool movie


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So You Think Your Rich?

its been a while since i posted…..didnt find anything interesting to talk about…..i just heard a talk by Shaykh Husain Abdul Sattar about bein wealthy….ive been listenin to his lectures for a couple of days and am hooked on them; amazing talks

Being Wealthy

on a side note….this is for Jew3 and anyone else who wants to join us……when we goin to eat at Pakistan Tea House

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A 12 Run Shot In Cricket

im not sure if u guys know but Pakistan is playin England these days… as soon as the world cup finished cricket started…..i was just checkin out some clips on YouTube and look what i found…..i never ever heard of a 12 run shot in cricket…..i thought the most runs you can get off one ball were 7 runs (a six and a no ball [1 run])…..check out this 12 run shot by Pakistans own Shahid Afridi


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The Good Stuff

this weekend while I was goin to Fahads wedding there was this one track that i forgot to put on my cd……Haroon and Hussain requested that i send it to them, but because its over 10mb i cant email it to them… I found the mp3 on a brothers blog and here it is….u can visit his site at:


there was also a turkish nasheed that was very popular in the car….here it is

Turkish Nasheed

heres another that i just discovered…..hope you guys like it

Veysel Karani

anything else u guys wanna hear?? just let me know and ill upload it here

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World Cup SemiFinals

what amazing games in the quarter finals….germany beats argentina on penalty kicks…..england loses to portugal on penalty kicks…..and as i called it FRANCE beats brazil….oh i hate brazil….cant wait for the semi finals….on tuesday its germany vs italy and on wednesday its france vs portugal……i predict Italy vs France for the world cup title


for those who didnt get the memo; yes its true….now im a soccer fan

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NBA Champions

Miami Heat are the NBA champs…..i didnt even think they would be able to pull it off… must feel good for Alonzo Mourning, Gary Payton, and Antoine Walker…..Dwayne Wade was a monster all series long…..him and Shaq definitely deserved the title

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Maulana Tariq Jamil

i just heard an amazing lecture by Maulana Tariq Jamil……its called Aaj Allah Naraz Hai (Today Allah (swt) is angry with us)…..i found it on Aswat Al-Islam…..i recommend that everyone listen to it but the only problem is that its in urdu

Aaj Allah Naraz Hai 1

Aaj Allah Naraz Hai 2

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