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its been a while since my last post so i decided i would share something nice with you guys….its a video(thanks to Contemplating Chishti) of the hadra in Syria with Shaykh Ul Islam Prof. Dr Muhammad Tahir Ul Qadri and Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi…..its in two parts and both are real player files; i have asked MR to convert the videos to mp3… as soon as thats done ill post them

Videos had to be removed.  6/23/08

P.S. the videos are a little long so here is what i recommend…..after u download both files play the first one and forward to 44:50 and listen to the amazing nasheed in the background(starts exactly at 45:10)… far as the second file goes, listen to it from the beginning… has two nice nasheeds in it(one starts at 1:28 and the other starts at 8:24)…..if anyone knows of these nasheeds and has them in mp3 format please let me have them, i would really appreciate it


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