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Nothin But HATE

since i made this blog 2 days ago ive been gettin maddd hate mail :)……no1 expected me to make a blog; i guess i did it cuz i was bored…..the real reason for this post is to promote 24


its gotta be the best TV show ever….each episode covers 1 hour of real time while the whole season takes place in 1 day…..i gotta get back to watchin season 5….TRUST me its a really good show, if u get the chance start watchin it from season 1 


May 28, 2006 Posted by | Random Thoughts | 3 Comments

Oceans 12

for the past week ive was searchin for the song that was playin while that one dude was doin those crazy moves thru the laser beams….so i finally found it….the song is by some french group called Nikkfurie

Nikkfurie – The A La Menthe

WARNING: the songs plays as soon as the page loads… dont blast ur speakers, turn em down just a lil bit….for those who are curious there are NO lyrics in this song….enjoy ladies!

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First Post

Everyone was makin a blog so I had to see what this was about. You won’t find anything useful over here; I’ll just post random stuff. Have fun ladies!

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