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Sohna Aaya

so last night my good friend Imran Khan(not the cricket star) sends me a message sayin that he has a nasheed/naat that i might like….so i tell him to send it over…..after patiently waitin for the track i have to say i was surprised at what i heard… warning you guys this sounds too much like a bhangra song…..when i asked him who the artist was he said he didnt know….so i did my research and found out its Syed Furqan Qadri….here it is and remember to comment and let me know what u think:

Sohna Aaya


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More of the Good Stuff

back in March i posted some nasheeds and some1 had a response with a video from an Eid fest at Trafalgar Square….they were askin about the nasheed u can here in the background from 35 seconds to about 1:30……i searched for a long time for this nasheed and couldnt find it anywhere so i gave up…..and today a brother contacts me about a new turkish nasheed he got from a friend and to my amazement it was the same one i was searchin for… of course i have to share it with u guys….so here it is: Sedat…..enjoy

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the spring 07 semester finished up about a week ago and now im workin full time with Century 21 Homefront….so if any1 out there wants to buy/sell a house or knows of some1 interested in buyin/sellin a house….send them my way….other than that nothing new to blog about

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its been a while since my last post so i decided i would share something nice with you guys….its a video(thanks to Contemplating Chishti) of the hadra in Syria with Shaykh Ul Islam Prof. Dr Muhammad Tahir Ul Qadri and Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi…..its in two parts and both are real player files; i have asked MR to convert the videos to mp3… as soon as thats done ill post them

Videos had to be removed.  6/23/08

P.S. the videos are a little long so here is what i recommend…..after u download both files play the first one and forward to 44:50 and listen to the amazing nasheed in the background(starts exactly at 45:10)… far as the second file goes, listen to it from the beginning… has two nice nasheeds in it(one starts at 1:28 and the other starts at 8:24)…..if anyone knows of these nasheeds and has them in mp3 format please let me have them, i would really appreciate it

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Spring 2007

just like that the winter break is over…..time to get back to school…..2 things i wanna let u guys know:

1)  Provisions for the Seekers – A Two-Day Hadith Intensive by Mufti Abdur-Rahman ibn Yusuf – this is an event at NYU next weekend (jan 27/28)…..insha’allah ill be there along wit other ppl from Stony Brook….so u should register quickly and since the event ends at 7pm saturday maybe we can plan somethin like chicken guy

2) Super Bowl Sunday – this is on feb. 4th….where u guys wanna get together and watch it….so far ppl have suggested: Strike and Harrison Manor

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this semester is commin to an end….i have 2 finals left then i go home and play the nintendo wii for the next month……make dua that my finals go well

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The World’s Most High Tech Urinal

its been a while since my last post… i said before; i dont post anything until i find something interesting… check this out

The World’s Most High Tech Urinal

now only if we can get these installed in Stony Brook to stop ppl from pissin on the floor and all over the bathroom

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sorry i havent posted in a while…..takin care of the iftars during ramadan took up most of my time…..nothing important to say except you guys should buy these 2 cds……Rahma and Generous Peace… Stony we have been listenin to these cds for the past 3 weeks so i thought id share them wit you

EID MUBARAK to all my readers

keep me in ur duas

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Grade Is In

so today after i got back from basketball i checked the mail and there was a letter from the Department of State… exam score was here…..i was so nervous…..when i finally decided to open it there was an exam application that had, in big bold letters, the word PASSED at the top…..thank you guys for all ur duas…..since these are the last few days of vacation…i was thinkin we should meet up tomorrow somewhere in the city for jummah…..what u guys think??

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Shaykh Husains General Talks

these past few days when i was stressin out about my exams i would just listen to my mp3 player to relax…..on Tuesday my exam was in the city on William Street at 11am… dad works on Worth Street so i asked him to drop me off cuz i hate takin the train…..i got there at 730 and there was no place in the building for me to sit and review……so i went to a coffee shop at the corner of fulton and william st. and sat there till 1030…..instead of reviewin i just sat and listened to two lectures by Shaykh Husain and one by Shaykh Abu Yusuf Riyadh Ul Haq…..these general talks by Shaykh Husain are amazing….you guys should definitely check them out

General Talks by Shaykh Husain Abdul Sattar

i also discovered a new mp3…..helps me relax….i sent it to Yaser and he said the same thing….check it out

Qari Ayoo Bin Essak – Asma ul Husna

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